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On-Site Surveillance 


Your Medical Home's onsite occupational medicine services are designed with your health and safety in mind. Our experienced team is committed to working closely with you to create a customized onsite program that aligns perfectly with your specific needs. We understand the importance of keeping your employees healthy and safe on the job, which is why we offer convenient accessibility. Whether you have a project in a remote location or a bustling urban setting, our services are designed to be mobile, providing 24-hour access to our dedicated staff and fully-equipped mobile units. We bring healthcare to you, ensuring that your employees remain close to the job site, promoting their well-being and productivity. Your Medical Home is your partner in maintaining a healthy and safe working environment.

Turnaround Projects 

At Your Medical Home, we stand ready to provide unwavering support to our valued clients in the oil and gas industry, particularly during critical turn-around periods when convenient and accessible onsite healthcare and occupational medicine services are of paramount importance. We understand the unique challenges of this industry and the need for continuous, 24/7 healthcare access. Our dedicated team is committed to collaborating with you on both short-term and long-term projects, ensuring that your employees have access to comprehensive health care solutions even during extended shifts. Furthermore, we offer the flexibility to pair our services with health care initiatives designed to foster a healthy work-life balance, prioritizing the well-being and safety of your workforce during these crucial phases. Your Medical Home is your trusted partner in promoting the health and productivity of your employees in the demanding oil and gas sector.

For Project and Turnaround information please email Adam Jaynes at or Emily at 
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